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Here is a link to our YouTube video about how we got started…

Donkeys were a natural addition to the miniature cattle.  Before Adam decided on cattle he wanted a miniature donkey for the farm due to a donkey named Goldie that he met who was the resident greeter outside a gold mine in CO during a family trip.  Ever since then he has wanted to add donkeys to our family.

While we do not sell our ducks or chickens, we do have a roster, which means most our our eggs are fertile.  If you are interested in hatching eggs let us know and we will pull fresh eggs for you to incubate.  Since we remove our eggs daily they never hatch.  For our ducks, we have all females so our duck eggs are not fertile and we do not hatch baby ducks for sale.

We grow what we think you want.  If there is something that you are interested it getting from the farmstand that we don’t have, send us a note or talk to one of us next time you see us.  We love suggestions on new items we can add.

Right now we have a couple of projects in the works, we are adding goats in the summer of 2023 and we are thinking of adding alpacas to our family also…. Or maybe pigs… of babydoll sheep… who know… but we will keep you updated on our social media when we decide.

For the safety of our animals, our staff, and our farm we do not currently allow visitors.

Give us a call, shoot us a note, send a carrier pigeon or anything and we will help you through it.  We have had a lot of good mentors in the industry and we would love to return the generosity others have show us.  If we don’t know the answer we will find it. 

Sometimes… just kidding.  We have one dog on our farm and his name is BRUNO!  Most farms have a working farm dog, but ours is a non-working couch dog.  Bruno loves to run around and have fun on the farm, but for the most part, he holds down the couch.

Well, that is a loaded question… the answer is, it depends… if  you have a large pasture they will live off of that and supplements during the summer, but during the winter they may need hay and grain to maintain their health.  It’s not an exact science, but we can help you figure out what your cattle need to eat, if you are overfeeding or not, and what supplements and grains are good to feed.

The general rule of thumb is one cow needs two acres of space if you are using your space to graze your cows and you don’t want to supplement with extra hay.  However, remember most dairy farms have 200 cattle inside one building, so the answer is again, it depends: what do you want your farm or home to look like? 

Do you want green grass year round that the cattle will graze on and never eat all of it? In that case, maybe you need 10 acres for your two cows. Or do you want to feed hay and keep your cows in an area with no grass? Then maybe you only need a half-acre space… again, it’s all based on personal preference.  With all that said, we have 60 acres and if we could, we would add about 200 more. And everyone we talk to feels the same way. You can never have too much space on a farm!

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Fluffy Feather Farm is a family-owned and operated homestead farm, where we raise Miniature Highland Cattle, Miniature Donkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Goats, and farm-fresh produce. Our roadside farmstand has fresh eggs available year-round and seasonal fresh produce grown by our family. While we welcome you to visit the farmstand and stock up, the farm is not open for tours or visits.

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