Feathers and More

More than just cows

Our Miniature Scottish Highland herd bring plenty of “fluffy” into the mix, but there’s more to Fluffy Feather Farms than just cows! Check back often—you never know what we might add to the Fluffy Feather Farm family next.

Miniature Donkeys

It didn’t take long before the team here at Fluffy Feather Farm decided we needed just a little more “fluff,” and added four miniature donkeys to the farm. (Jack, Jenny, Baby and Cupcake)  In the winter of 2023, we expanded the family a little bit further with three new fluffy friends: Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. These cuties are wonderful friends and companions, immensely trainable, and a sweet addition to Fluffy Feather Farm.  Check back for available baby donkeys for sale.

Fluffy Feather Farm Ducks

Fluffy Feather Farm Ducks (Eggs)

Late summer 2022, we opened “Duckland” our family’s name for the duck coop at the farm. Our flock of ducks keep the farmstand fully stocked with farm-fresh duck eggs. If you haven’t tried cooking with duck eggs yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! Some folks enjoy duck eggs for the higher protein content, more vitamins and minerals, and larger size than traditional chicken eggs. Others prefer the richer flavor and thicker yolk. Either way, you’ll want to give them a try!

Fluffy Feather Farm Chickens (Eggs)

We added a flock of chickens to the farm back in March 2022, and have farm-fresh eggs available for purchase year round for $5/dozen. We currently have more than 250 chickens on the farm, and our sons Keegan and Kaleb take the lead on caring for these fluffy friends. If you’ve only ever gotten your eggs from a grocery store, you’re in for a treat! Farm-fresh eggs are generally richer in taste and higher in nutrients than your average grocery eggs.

chickens and eggs

Family Farm Stand

Our kids Kaleb and Keegan pour their heart and soul into the family farmstand, helping us grow fresh, healthy, seasonal produce throughout the growing season. Mike and the boys grow tomatoes, squash, cucumber, zucchini, peppers, fresh herbs and more! And you won’t want to miss our family-grown pumpkins in the fall.

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