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Our 60-acre homestead in Harvard, IL is where we raise our exceptional herd of high-quality mini Highland cows for sale.


Our Miniature Highland COWS FOr Sale are a smaller version of the Scottish Highland cattle breEd

The Miniature Highland breed was developed in the 1970’s by carefully and selectively breeding smaller Scottish Highland cattle. Breeders aimed to maintain all of the distinctive characteristics that make Scottish Highland cattle special: shaggy coats, long horns, and calm temperament, while reducing their overall size by mixing them with other smaller cattle breeds resulting in what we see today.

Today, Miniature Highland cattle are bred for their unique appearance and smaller size, making them suitable for small farms and homesteads. Our impressive herd of mini Highland cows for sale will make an excellent addition to YOUR family. Ready to learn more?


Miniature Highland Cattle are known for their furry coats and small stature, but there’s a lot to love in that small package! Are you looking for miniature highland cows for sale? Click below to see who's ready to join your herd!

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